Management at Georgia and Ukraine PNU is ultimately responsible for creating an environment and culture that is conducive to the attainment of the university’s vision to be the Iranian university shaping futures in the service of humanity. Part of this responsibility lies in determining the mission, values, goals, objectives, strategies and policies that will safeguard and promote this vision.

PNU Council

As Iran’s largest open distance learning institution, PNU prides itself on its sound and transparent corporate governance. In an effort to systematically inculcate this level of corporate governance in the institution, establishing PNU as a leader in sound corporate governance features as a key goal in the university’s strategy.

While areas like ethics and conflict management are managed by a series of policies and processes, the process of governing the university as a whole is managed by the PNU Council.

Council governs the university in accordance with the law and generally recognised principles of good governance.

In addition, Council also:

  • provides effective leadership based on an ethical foundation
  • retains full and effective control over the university and is responsible for monitoring management in respect of the implementation of plans and strategies
  • ensures that the university is and is seen to be a responsible corporate citizen in its governance function
  • determines the strategic direction of the university
  • plays a critical role in developing the strategic plan of the university
  • is responsible for information technology governance
  • approves the policies of the university
  • develops a code of conduct
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