Course Listing

IDGraduate Course Name
1Synoptic meteorology
2Climate change
3environmental changes meteorology
4Sports pathology and corrective movements
5Teaching English
6Teaching Persian to non-Persian speakers
7Training and human resource development
8Islamic ethics
9Applied ethics
10Theology and Islamic knowledge – religions and mysticism
11Theology and Islamic knowledge – Quranic and Hadith sciences
12Theology and Islamic knowledge – Fiqh and principles of Islamic law
13Islamic Theology and Knowledge – History and Civilization of Islamic Nations
14Land management plan
16Social welfare planning
17History of Shiite history
18History – History of Islam
19History – History of Islamic Iran
20History – Studies of Central Asia and the Caucasus
21History of the Islamic Revolution
22History and philosophy of education – Islamic education
23Educational research
24Educational technology
25Reform Sociology
26political geography
30International Law
31Criminal Law and Criminology
32Private law
33Administrative Procedure Law
34Motor behavior – motor development
35Islamic Psychology – Positive Psychology
36Clinical Psychology
37Clinical psychology of children and adolescents
38Educational Psychology
39General Psychology
40Psychology and education of exceptional children (mentally retarded)
41General linguistics
42English language and literature
43Arabic language and literature
44Persian Language and Literature
45Persian language and literature – Persian language training
46Persian Language and Literature – Defense Literature
47Persian Language and Literature – Comparative Literature
48Persian Language and Literature – Public Literature
49Persian Language and Literature – Children and Adolescent Literature
50Persian Language and Literature – Editing and Writing
51Environmental hazards
52Knowledge and information science – Information Management
53Knowledge and information science -Management of Digital Libraries
54Knowledge and information science -Public Library Studies
55Survey of Science
56cultural studies
58Economic Sciences – Islamic Economy
59Economics – Energy Economy
60Economics – Economics and E-Commerce
61Economic Sciences – Islamic Banking
62Economic Sciences – Planning of economic systems
63Economic Sciences – Economic Development and Planning
64political science
65Political Science – Political Thought in Islam
66Fiqh and private law
67Philosophy of Religion
68Islamic philosophy and theology
69Islamic philosophy and wisdom
70Exercise Physiology – Physiology of physical activity and health
71Exercise Physiology – Applied Sports Physiology
72Entrepreneurship – International Entrepreneurship
73Entrepreneurship – Development of Entrepreneurship
74Entrepreneurship – Organizational entrepreneurship
75Entrepreneurship – Technology entrepreneurship
76Entrepreneurship – e-business
77Entrepreneurship – New business
78Entrepreneurship – Tourism
79English language translation
80Environment – Environmental education
81Education Management
82Business Administration – Marketing
83Business Administration – International Business
84Business Administration – Local Business
85Business Administration – E-Commerce
86Business Administration – Entrepreneurship
87Business Administration – Strategic Management
88Tourism Management – Tourism Marketing
89Public Administration – Budget and Public Finance
90Public Administration – Human Resource Development
91Public Administration – Public Policy
92Public Administration – Organizational Behavior Management
93Public Administration – Designing Government Organizations
94Public Administration – Management of urban and rural development
95Public Administration – Transformation Management
96Media management
97Government organizations Administration – financial and economic
98Information Technology Management- Electronic Business
99Information Technology Management – Knowledge Management
100Information Technology Management – Information Resource Management
101Business Administration – Strategy
102Business Administration – Information Systems and Information Technology
103Business Administration – Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
104Business Administration – Supply Chain
105Business Administration – Technology
106Business Administration – Energy
107Business Administration – Financial
108Human Resource Management – Islamic Human Resource Management
109Sports Management – Management of sports venues and facilities
110Sports Management – Leisure and recreational sports management
111Sports Management – Marketing Management in Sports
112Strategic management in sports management of sports organizations
113Sports Management – Sports Media Management
114Sports Management – Sports Event Management
115Counseling – Rehabilitation counseling
116Counseling – Family counseling
117Counseling – Career counseling
118Counseling – School counseling
119Nahj al-Balaghah – Social, political and public law
120Nahj al-Balaghah – Ethics and individual and social education
121Nahj al-Balaghah – Usul al-Din and Alawite teachings
122Statistics – Mathematical Statistics
123Math education
124Applied Mathematics – Numerical Analysis
125Applied Mathematics – Optimization
126Pure Mathematics (Analysis)
127Pure mathematics (Algebra)
128Pure Mathematics Geometry (Topology)
129Earth Sciences – Tectonics
130Earth Sciences – Water Geology
131Earth Sciences – Petrology
132Earth Sciences – Stratigraphy and Paleontology
133Earth Sciences – Sedimentology and Sedimentary Petrology
134Earth Sciences – Economic Geology
135Earth Sciences – Environmental Geology
136Earth Sciences – Geochemistry
137Agricultural Economics – The economics of production and management of agricultural units
138Agricultural Economics – Agricultural Policy and Development
139Rural development
140Environmental Science and Engineering – Land Assessment and Planning
141Agricultural Mechanization Engineering – Energy
142Agricultural Biotechnology
143Art research
144IT Engineering
145Chemical Engineering – Environment
146Chemical Engineering – Modeling, Simulation and Control
147Industrial Engineering – Systems Optimization
148Industrial Engineering – Macro Systems
149Industrial Engineering – Engineering Management
150Civil Engineering-Road and Transportation
151Civil Engineering – Environmental Engineering
152Civil Engineering – Engineering and Construction Management
153Computer Engineering – Software
154Computer Engineering – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
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